Jun 4, 2009


In my newly decorated kitchen i got to have a reliable set of kitchen canisters that will keep the flour, sugar, rice, etc fresh, that are easy to access and that look good on a kitchen counter or shelf. Of course, some people still use the old standbys in glass, (I don't see why but to each is its own) but me i have my sleek new Stainless Steel Canisters to set my kitchen counter off. These kitchen canisters would look great in any contemporary kitchen.

Jun 3, 2009


I have a nice size patio in back. Out of my love for pretty and colorful pots, I invariably amassed a large collection of potted plants. I have so many though that they were taking over and I needed some reorganization back there. So I checked online to see if I could find the Two Tier Plant Stand I been wanting, so i finally found one at an affordable price and my decision was made.

Jun 2, 2009


I have to admit that I like some scented jar candles the best. My current choices include a French Vanilla Candle and a Pear Fruit Candle. Made from the best ingredients, this candle features 60 hours burn time. The jar candle fits in most places and is small enough to travel well. I also love the fact that this scented jar candle is made from essential oils and natural fragrances. I like knowing that I’m not burning toxic chemicals in my home.

May 28, 2009


Me and my wife recently decided we wanted to redecorate our home. We wanted to add some new things and we didn't have a big budget to start with. So we decided to take it one things at a time and see which direction we would go in. We watched all kinds all home t.v. shows, we looked in magazines, we asked our friends and we came up with some good things but we didn't want our friends thinking we were some copycats so we decided to surf the internet and see what what it had to offer and it paid of for us big time.

Well for starters we didn't add alot of things to one room we added one or two things in different places in our home. We added them according to our budget at the time. Probably not as normal for some but it worked for us.

For the moment our budget only allowed us to these few items we came across while looking online. A couple of these wonderful smelling jar candles French Vanilla and Pear Fruit for our bedroom and bathroom.

We purchased these beautiful Stainless Steel Canisters for our kitchen to have more storage space and give it a more sleek look.

We came across this this Two Tier Plant Stand that would be good for our patio in the summer time.

We decorated our living room with these beautiful Faux Silk Curtains that we found i took a chance with these but they turned out too look better in person than on the picture i seen.

Last thing i we purchased which should've been the first is this amazing Two Tone Glass Vase that i just had to have.